Thursday, May 3, 2012

I Love the USA

!±8±I Love the USA

Brand : Global Software Publishing
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Price : $9.99
Post Date : May 03, 2012 21:16:04
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Mystery! Adventure! Geography! (Plus, history, culture, capitals and more!) Get packed! You’re needed to deliver an important secret package. And you’ll track down clues from coast to coast to solve the mystery. Along the way, you’ll relive the rich history of the East Coast. Whoop it up in the rollicking Midwest. Or explore the vast mountain ranges of the West, all while chasing down geo-facts and discovering the people, places and pastimes of these fifty fabulous US states. Learn the capitals of all 50 states as you scramble to collect clues to solve the mystery. Make your own maps and even send postcards to your friends as you take an exciting and in-depth journey across the United States. The beautifully animated and illustrated maps will capture the imagination and instill a love of history and geography.

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Saturday, April 21, 2012

National Geographic Trivia Trek 2002 Geo Bee Challenge

!±8±National Geographic Trivia Trek 2002 Geo Bee Challenge

Brand : Encore
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Post Date : Apr 21, 2012 19:38:05

National Geographic's geography experts have put together a challenging and equally fun quiz game that features fast and furious interactive gameplay. With more than 2,000 questions and over 60 hours of play, Trivia Trek 2002 brings all the challenge of the National Geographic Bee to your desktop.

Join quirky characters Shrimp Rabbit, Trout Mummy, Turbo Squirrel, and Kung Fu Stick Man to answer questions about geography, culture, and exotic locations, as well as to play in BuzzBee's Lightning Round. Keep a sharp eye on photos, art, and maps to score big in surprise puzzle rounds. Or, battle for geographic supremacy in "Believe It or Don't."

Multiple-player capability lets you test and train your brain against friends, family, even yourself, as you battle it out to become Trivia Trek Champion. This irreverent and fun quiz game is designed for ages 10 and older.

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